Dr. Spector Dental Implants to Improve a Patient’s Smile

Dental implants allow 65-year-old-man to have fixed dental implants after wearing removable dentures for over 25 years.

An excellent way of discussing the benefits of going from a removable denture to permanently fixed dental implants is to give an actual example. One of my patients was a 65-year-old man who for 25 prior years had been wearing a removable partial denture – an appliance that comes in and out and connects to one’s real teeth.

This patient had lost his back molar teeth on either side, and he found it increasingly difficult to eat certain foods without food getting trapped under his denture. The denture was also doing harm to the other teeth by putting too much pressure on the teeth that held the denture in place.

After reviewing his case, taking x-rays and finding that he had adequate bone for implants, I placed five lower implants these were restored by his dentist with permanent single teeth. At this point, he did not need to wear his denture again because he had a full complement of lower teeth.

As permanent tooth replacements, these teeth acted just as his natural teeth. He was able to chew and to eat foods that he had not be able to eat for many years due to the movement of his denture. Now he has teeth that are as close to his natural teeth as possible.

After treatment, he told me that he cannot discern the difference between the implants and his natural teeth, which is a comment I frequently hear from dental implant patients. He also said that the dental implants feel so natural that when he bites it seems as though he is biting on his natural teeth.

His dental implants also allow him to grind food with his molar teeth—something that he was unable to do very efficiently before with his removable partial denture. Also, he now has much more confidence when he smiles, speaks, and socializes.

Dr. Leonard Spector